Using the power of Aikido to help veterans with Combat-Related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [CRPTSD]

How Keganin No Senshi Aikido Can Help You Offer a Program in Your Area 

It is our intention to help establish locally-based programs of collaboration between Aikido practitioners/dojos and groups committed to supporting veterans with CRPTSD. The role of KNS is to facilitate establishing local, autonomous  programs and to provide the ongoing support and resources needed to ensure their long term success. The following is a summary of what KNS offers. Contact us for a full description of our training, services and support program at

Initial Week-End Training Seminars
The KNS team can come to your area and conduct a two day training seminar on conducting Aikido classes for Veterans with CRPTSD. This seminar can be held at a dojo or any facility large enough: a gym, event hall, etc.

KNS will provide advice and assistance in involving veterans, Aikidoka, therapists and veterans service groups in you area. While the seminars will be oriented primarily towards the unique approaches needed in teaching Aikido to veterans with CRPTSD, having veterans involved in the seminar should be highly encouraged. The KNS team will generally consist of a team leader/sensei, women’s sensei and therapist sensei.

Annual Follow-up
In subsequent years, the KNS Team will be available for follow-up training as needed.

Major Area Seminars
KNS, in collaboration with Aikido For Veterans, will conduct seminars in major cities to bring together staff and vets from all programs in the area as well as others interested in starting a program. While these seminars will generally be structured similar to the local KNS trainings, they will be open to Aikidoka, therapists, vets organizations and support groups, and interested vets from a wider geographic area.

If you are associated with an Aikido dojo, are interested in and see personal value in doing something significant for those who have served our country in combat, and are willing to make a serious commitment of time and energy, we can help you locate a Vets Service Center, VA facility or veteran’s organization in your area. We can work with you in successfully approaching these organizations and establishing a well structured, collaborative relationship and a strong, appropriate Aikido program.

Other Organizations
If you are with a Vets Service Center, major VA facility, veteran’s organization  [VFW, Legion, etc.] or fraternal organization [Elks, Rotary, etc], and you believe that offering the kinesthetic therapy of Aikido can be an advantage to veterans with CRPTSD in your area, we can help you find and establish a collaboration with an Aikido dojo.

Locating Partners in Your Area
We can provide:
Lists of many of these organizations in your area
Media materials to facilitate publicity
Assistance in facilitating initial contacts and establishing solid, long-term working relationships


Locating and establishing a program at an off-dojo site in a location where vets are comfortable - an area as small as 10x20 square feet can work.

Where to recruit
Publicity materials
How to get vets to attend

A proven format for a successful CRPTSD-adapted Aikido class
Forms for program record keeping and evaluation
Class materials such as class procedures and processes, curriculum, and rank testing requirements

While people will probably start off volunteering, if at all possible, Sensei and therapists should receive a stipend of $30 to $50 per class, and there should be an insurance policy in effect. [the VA and Vet Centers may require a policy of some sort]. This can involve some minimal, local fund-raising. We can provide a basic local fund-raising strategy.

KNS will provide a simple process for you to determine if your program is meeting the needs and bringing about any changes and improvements in the veterans in your classes with CRPTSD.
The evaluations we conduct or receive from you will help us develop changes and improvements in our operation and enable us to improve what we will then be able offer to you and other programs.
Regular evaluations will also allow KNS to further verify the validity of utilizing Aikido to help victims of CRPTSD to live fuller, more constructive, peaceful lives.

KNS will contact you on a regular basis to see how you are doing, what new things you have tried, what successes and set backs you have experienced. We will make these experiences available to every program. The best learning will happen from programs communicating with programs. KNS will strive to facilitate this sharing and communications.

We also offer follow-up training and support with recruiting, funding, local partnership and publicity.

And most important, we will always be available whenever you have questions, problems, or need support.

KNS is actively seeking funding so that we can provide all services to you at little or no cost. However, until that time, we have to ask you to fund some of the expenses. We only ask that you cover our travel expenses and provide a place to stay and meals.

Contact us at for further information.